Dan McKay has been restoring antique trunks for a number of years and it is fair to say he has developed his techncique into an art. The ever increasing pool of clients who bring in trunks speaks for itself.

"A lot of people have a trunk that once belonged to their grandparents or someone else else in the family. A trunk that they don't want to part with. They have seen some of my work and are wondering if their trunk is in good enough shape to be restored."

Most trunks cannot only be salvaged but can be restored beautifully . It has not always been easy and some projects take weeks and months to complete because Dan tries to work with the original material to restore the trunk to its authentic condition.

"But so far, everyone has been very satisfied and many trunks have ended up as wedding gifts and will remain in the family."

Most people are very surprized to see the final result. " Restoring does not mean that the trunk will look like new.", Dan says. "It will still look like an old trunk. It will be an heirloom worth holding on to"

To his customers the meticulous workmanship and exacting detail of Dan's trunks make all the difference. When he finishes, all originality and authenticity is preserved.
On the next page, Dan will point out the kind of detail his restoration can reveal.
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